We’ve spent over three decades teaching self-defense and personal safety to private citizens, and groups of all types. Take a moment to read the bios below and you will see why our instructors can create such a unique approach to teaching practical self-defense skills.


Pertti has over 30 years of international experience in self-defense and personal protection. He has Black Belt in Ju-Jutsu, extensive experience in various martial arts and combatives, and has certified in close protection. Pertti has trained with world class instructors in Europe, Latin America, and in the US. His teaching experience includes both public and private organizations on three continents, training various groups including civilians, law enforcement, private security, military, close protection (bodyguards), and other security professionals.


Maria has over 20 years of experience in self-defense and martial arts. She has lived in various countries and speaks several languages which gives her unique perspective and approach in her teaching. Maria specializes in educating youth in personal safety, and teaches women’s self defense. She loves to share her extensive multi-cultural experience with her students.


Jim has been training in the martial arts since 1987. Jim has studied jujitsu, judo , karate, Okinawan and Japanese weapons as well as a law officer combat system. Jim has extensive experience teaching and hosting various self defense, law officer combat and anti-terror programs. Jim has taught to various private groups as well as members of elite agencies such as NYPD, Port Authority of NY/NJ, US Air Marshals, US Secret Service and Marine Corp. MP’s. In addition to Law Officer Combat, Jim also specializes in women’s self defense and youth programs.